What is ENO?

Environment Online- ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Our approach in learning has two dimensions: local and global.  Learning is student and problem-centered with both online and offline activities. At the end of each theme there is a campaign week during which the results of learning are raised in local communities and on the web. Students eventually become ambassadors for the environment of their respective local communities and regions. Regular themes and have been forests, climate change, ecological footprint and different cultural themes. 

The success of the ENO Programme  is apparently because of  the contents and the grassroot level coordination: it is run by teachers. It was officially recognised in Rio+20 Summit because of its 100 Million Trees campaign.


  • to deepen environmental themes at schools
  • to add global awareness and internationality
  • to educate for active citizenship
  • to get schools from developing countries as active participants
  • to learn basic skills in ICT
  • to make a change together
  • over 7000 ENO schools in 147 countries
  • The age of students: 12 - 18 years ( from pre-school in tree planting events)
Recognitions and awards
  • An Umbrella Project for NetD@ys 2000 by European Commission
  • III Prize in EcoG@llery Europe 2000, Barcelona, Spain
  • III Prize Winner in Childnet Awards 2001, Washington DC, USA
  • Labelled NetDays Project 2001, -02 and -03
  • Quality Prize in eLearning, Ministry of Education, Finland, 2003
  • Rose Of Environmental Education, Finland, 2003
  • Cyber Oscar in GKP Youth Awards, UN Summit, Switzerland, 2003
  • WWW Panda Award, Finland,  2004
  • Finalist with SPECIAL MENTION in the Stockholm Challenge Awards, Sweden, 2006
  • One of the best resources in “My Favourite eLearning Resources” by European Commission 2006
  • Winner in Global Junior Challenge, Rome, Italy, 2007
  • Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Awards, Sweden 2008
  • Energy Globe Awards in Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
  • Forestry Achievement, Finland, 2009
  • State Award for Public Information, Ministry of Education, FInland,  2011
  • Finalist for UN Forest Heroes, United Nations, 2012

Find more information on ENO Programme website: http://www.enoprogramme.org