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The first ENO Indonesia Conference 1-5 Nov 2012

posted Nov 12, 2012, 9:39 PM by Mika Vanhanen
Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) is a regency of South Sumatra, Indonesia.The capital lies at Kayu Agung. The regency contains the Ogan-Komering lebaks, or floodplain lakes, an area of wetland covering about 200,000 hectares. Major crops include coffee, sugar cane, oil palm, rubber, cacao, pineapple, tea and fish.

Together with ENO Indonesia coordinators, OKI organised the first national ENO Indonesia conference 1-5 November 2012.  About 200 students from North and South Sumatra and Java took part.  In addition to workshops and lectures by eminent professors, a special tree planting event took place in Kayu Agung, simultaneously with ENO Schools in  India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Palau and the Philippines. About 300 schools in OKI planted 25 000 mahoni trees. Altogether 50 000 trees was planted at the same time.  This event was awarded as a national Indonesia record by MURI ( ).  The secretary from ministry of forestry were present as well as mayors from eight cities who signed agreements with ENO.