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Growing in Indonesia – Philippines, Mexico, Brasil and Lithuania - 11 new cities announced in ENO Green Cities Network -

posted Feb 21, 2013, 11:46 PM by Mika Vanhanen


Growing in Indonesia – Philippines, Mexico, Brasil and Lithuania
- 11 new cities announced in ENO Green Cities Network -

ENO Green Cities Network is  a supporting network for the ENO Programme. It differs from other green city neworks as it's  based on educational co-operation between schools and  cities and sharing concrete practises for the environment between member cities.

 As tree planting is the most  popular activity in the ENO Programme, the approach in ENO Green Cities is simple and easy to adapt.  In minimum, accepted cities have to offer areas, seedlings and assistance for tree planting activities of schools every year, at least once in a year. Cities take care that these areas will be safe and remain unconstructed. Cities will  get a membership in the ENO Green City Network and become official cities for ENO 100 Million Trees 2017 Campaign.  This campaign was highlighted in the overall summary of Rio+20 Summit commitments, out of over 700 pledges.

Eleven new cities join ENO Green Cities today. They come from  Brasil, Indonesia, Lithuania, Mexico and The Philippines. Most of them come from Indonesia. Network covers now 33 cities or regencies.

Environment Online - ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. It has been running since 2000 and covers almost 10 000 schools in 154 countries. Tree planting has been the most popular activity in the ENO Programme. Schools aim to plant 100 million trees by 2017. ENO Headquarters lies in the city of Joensuu, Finland.

More information:

ENO Programme Association
Siltakatu 12 B 14
80100 Joensuu

ENO Tree Planting Campaign:


Argentina, Colonia Dora
Argentina, Godoy Cruz
Argentina, Lobos
Argentina, Maipú
Argentina, Rojas
Argentina, Puerto San Julián
Argentina, San Cayetano
Argentina, San Martin de los Andes
Brasil, Ribeirão das Neves
Brasil: São José dos Campos
Brasil, Sao Paulo
Brasil, Seropédica – RJ
Finland, Espoo
India,  Delhi
Indonesia, Medan
Indonesia, OKI Regency
Indonesia, Sekayu
Indonesia: East Southeast Nusa​
Indonesia: Bandung
Indonesia: Mbay - NTT​
Indonesia: Poso
Indonesia: Kendal
Indonesia: Langkat
Indonesia: Lubuk Pakam
Lithuania: Kaunas
Mexico: Huichapan, Hidalgo
Romania, Timisoara
Slovenia, Ljubljana
South Africa, Cape Town
Taiwan R.O.C, Taichung
Tanzania, Iringa
The Philippines, Iligan City
The Philippines: Indang