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ENO Green City in Rwanda planted 3 500 trees for peace

posted Nov 4, 2015, 8:20 AM by Mika Vanhanen   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 8:25 AM ]

Nyanza is a cultural hub - formerly referred to as Nyabisindu, a colonial name. It is Rwanda’s heart and center of cultural enlightenment, served as resident and royal capital for several kings of Rwanda e.g  King Musinga Yuhi V, Kigeli and Mutara III Rudahigwa (1932-59). It was perceived as an influential centre in politics, culture, economics and tourism. And today still holds the country’s cultural heritage tourism envisaged through the two museums — King’s palace at Rukali and the national Art gallery at Rwesero. The court became the home of the artistic and intellectual activities and was also a place of economic exchange. Today, a replica of the traditional Royal palace sits at Nyanza - Rukari. The impressive, enormous structure is made entirely with traditional materials, has been painstakingly restored to its 19th century state and now maintained as a museum. This palace offers a glimpse into Rwandan life as it was in the precolonial days, where we have an exhibition related to monarchical history and administration from the 15th to the 20th century in Rwanda. From December 1st 2014 ENO-Rwanda has lend a hand to enrich the city as one of the green cities in world.

This year , 3rd of October 2015, Environment Online planted 3 500 trees in partnership with Nyanza district. The event involved 8 schools (E.S. st Espirit, GS Mater day, College Maranata, E.S de Nyanza G.S Nyanza B, ESPANYA, and IPRC Kavumu) with more than 750 students, district officials, military and police officers. The activity took place in different parts of the city with main theme; Sustain peace for sustainable Development. The action was focused to maintain Nyanza as a green city without forgetting the role of children as advocators for present and future clean environment and peaceful nation for sustainable development.  The activity was launched at around 9:00 am ending 12:30 pm by the Nyanza sector executive officer on behalf of a Mayor and ENO Rwanda country representative, there after all students, ENO Rwanda team and district officials gathered at stadium for short speeches to address the students the importance of planting trees. District official, head of schools and military officials present emphasized on tree planting as an action of environmental protection for the healthy life and assured their partnership with ENO in greening the entire district. The schools presented invited ENO-Rwanda to open ENO clubs at their schools.  

In his speech, ENO-Rwanda coordinator emphasized on two main things: how to resolve conflicts, small or big ones, how to build peace and tolerance by educating children as an essential agents for achieving sustainable development in schools and in the communities as well as on the national level. It is essential to take responsibility and work together to avoid quarrels and to find a solution which are suitable for all. We need to work for peace in our daily lives. He added that young people still have fresh mind and more energetic thus it’s vital to train them to protect environment and grow with the mindset, by doing that we will insure present and future sustainability. He insisted that, ENO Programme focuses on Social, Economic and Environment Sustainability through teaching children the ideology.   

Finally, ENO-Rwanda would like to extend the sincere thank you to ENO- International, Government of Rwanda, Nyanza District, Military and police Nyanza District and all the schools participated during the ENO TREE PLANTING DAY FOR PEACE NYANZA Green City.

Ishimwe Prince, 13 years old

I plant trees because I know they are source of good air, rain and provide shade during sun shining. Without trees we cannot have healthy life. We also learn about peace which is important for development. I will be coming back to visit my tree which will be reminding me to live peacefully with others. I also love my time here because I have made new friends from other school. I thank ENO staff because they are good; they love.


A Rwandan Army and police officer planting trees with student on the event Sustain peace for sustainable Development.

ENO –Rwanda Coordinator launching the tree planting to make Nyanza a green city:  Sustain peace for sustainable Development.


 Rwanda Defense Force officer Nyanza Sector Chief Executive officer and two other students in tree. 


ENO Volunteers with group of students at Nyanza Genocide memorial site after planting tree and visited last year planted  trees. 

ENO-Rwanda Coordinator explaining to different groups students about ENO programme.  

Students gathered at the stadium during different speeches from the officials. 

 For these girls planting trees provide healthy and beautiful places for children to play learn and improve pride of their city.

One of the Croton Megalopolis trees that were planted on ENO TREE DAY FOR PEACE NYANZA TOWN

One of the trees that were planted last year in Nyanza town, Was an exciting moment for everybody to see how healthy these trees are.