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9 new members joined ENO Green Cities!

posted May 7, 2013, 8:23 PM by Mika Vanhanen   [ updated May 7, 2013, 8:44 PM ]
8 MAY 2013

Growing in Finland - Israel, Portugal and Sudan as new countries

ENO Tree Planting Day will take place today around the world. In addition, 
nine new cities were accepted to ENO Green Cities today. They are Joensuu, Kuopio, Lahti and Oulu  from Finland, Bantaeng and Lombok Timur from Indonesia, Beer Sheva from Israel, Paredes from Portugal and Khartoum from Sudan.

Network covers now
42 cities or regencies in 16 countries. 

·Argentina, Colonia Dora

·Argentina, Godoy Cruz

·Argentina, Lobos

·Argentina, Maipú

·Argentina, Rojas

·Argentina, Puerto San Julián

·Argentina, San Cayetano

·Argentina, San Martin de los Andes

·Brasil, Ribeirão das Neves

·Brasil: São José dos Campos

·Brasil, Sao Paulo

·Brasil, Seropédica – RJ

·Finland, Espoo

·Finland, Joensuu *

·Finland, Kuopio *

·Finland, Lahti *

·Finland, Oulu *

·India, Delhi

·Indonesia, Bantaeng *

·Indonesia, Lombok Timur *

·Indonesia, Medan

·Indonesia, OKI Regency

·Indonesia, Sekayu

·Indonesia: East Southeast Nusa

·Indonesia: Bandung

·Indonesia: Mbay - NTT

·Indonesia: Poso

·Indonesia: Kendal

·Indonesia: Langkat

·Indonesia: Lubuk Pakam

·Israel, Beer Sheva *

·Lithuania: Kaunas

·Mexico: Huichapan, Hidalgo

·Portugal, Paredes *

·Romania, Timisoara

·Slovenia, Ljubljana

·South Africa, Cape Town

·Sudan, Khartoum *

·Taiwan R.O.C, Taichung

·Tanzania, Iringa

·The Philippines, Iligan City

·The Philippines: Indang